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About Us

Data is most valuable resource today and help us make better decisions. Our world faces disruptive change due to exponential growth of both the amount of data which can be captured from a wide range of data-sources and the computational capabilities to process the data.

DataLab is the data laboratory at UFPB. We are a team of specialists in data science, statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence which perform research, consulting, training and supervising activities. Our main goal and philosophy is to solve problems in a data-driven way, to create intelligent, robust and scalable solutions. Companies in any sector, such as, banks, telecommunications, health, education, energy, industry, public agencies and agribusiness can benefit from our services. Do you have data? We can turn it into useful knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

Research and Innovation

DataLab develops multidisciplinary research on data science, statistics and machine learning, including data visualization, pattern recognition, clustering, regression models, time-series prediction, statistical process control and data mining. Our research activities encompass both in theoretical developments and practical applications in a wide range of fields, exploring the creation of novel statistical and computational methods for complex data.


For companies and organizations willing to integrate data science and statistical technologies in their workflows. Examples of applications: E-commerce (identify consumers, recommend products, analyze reviews), Industry (predict fails, monitor systems, anomaly detection, maintenance schedule), Banking (fraud detection, credit risk modeling, consumer lifetime value), Healthcare (medical image analysis, drug discovery, bioinformatics), and much more.

Education and Training

For students, practitioners and professionals in data science, statistics and machine learning methods, technologies and best practices.